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Residents in New Jersey can now ride private Boxcar buses into New York City

Vehicles offer reserved seating, restrooms, power outlets and other amenities


WESTFIELD — Commuters have a new option for getting to work and play in Manhattan: Boxcar luxury buses out of Westfield and Cranford.

CEO Joe Calgano believes Boxcar will be a better commute route to Midtown Manhattan and the Upper East Side.

"It’s a more comfortable ride, and it does not only drop off straight at Port Authority, it stops at Bryant Park, Madison and 43rd, Madison and 47th, 52nd and 57th. And so for people who along the Raritan Valley Line don't even have a one seat ride to Penn Station, we're giving them a one-seat ride all the way to the East Side of Manhattan," Calgano says.

The luxury buses will include a variety of amenities including reserved seating, restrooms, power outlets, and free Wi-Fi. Boxcar also partners with local businesses and houses of worship to offer customers alternative parking solutions before their commute begins.

Commuters at the Westfield station say they're excited to give Boxcar a try. They are hoping for a faster and more comfortable ride.

"It's like going on a vacation trip with a reservation, and I love the fact that you have the app. It's a nice little treat," says Joyce Hessemer.

"This is my first time commuting this year, and it's my first day, so I wanted to try something new, try something different. It definitely is good because it drops me off almost directly outside my office. So I'm excited to give it a go," says Samuel Salberg.

However, many commuters remained on track to stay with NJ Transit buses. Although Sam Weissbard believes he would consider using Boxcar as a backup, he says the local NJ Transit service is operating just fine.

"If for some reason I needed to take it, I'd take it. But I don't know that I'd look to take something different since this is working," Weissbard says.

Commuters interested in purchasing a Boxcar ticket will need to download the Boxcar app from Google Play or the App Store onto their mobile devices. After that, one selects the day and time to reserve a seat and purchase the ticket with a credit card. A single ride will cost $13.99.

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