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Burglars break into homes of immigrants taking shelter from ICE

Both men took refuge at Reformed Church of Highland Park out of fear of deportation


HIGHLAND PARK — Three men are taking sanctuary at Reformed Church of Highland Park out of fear that they'll be deported. Two of those men had their houses ransacked this weekend.

This week, Harry Pangemanan's life was turned upside down when he noticed a car following him while he was trying to take his daughter to school. Harry, who does not have legal status, says he noticed a car has been following him and called his pastor who made a quick decision after checking out the car.

"My pastor called me right away and said, ‘Harry, get ready. I'm on my way to your house, get ready. We are jumping in the car and have to get to the church now,’” Pangemanan said.

That day, Harry joined two other men seeking sanctuary at the church to avoid deportation. But between Friday and Saturday morning, both Pangemanan and Arthur Jemmy who entered sanctuary here in October had their homes broken into and ransacked.

Pangemanan says the hardest part about all of this is seeing his children suffer.

“As a parent you will do whatever you can to be with your children, to help them gain the dreams they have," he said.

This is his second time seeking sanctuary at the church; he also stayed in 2012 for nine months. He has no idea when he will be able to return home.

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