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Mahwah Council president accuses mayor of vandalizing his home

Rob Hermansen says his house was flooded, checked for runaway teen


MAHWAH – At a press conference, Tuesday Mahwah Council President Rob Hermansen detailed incidents of vandalism that have happened to him and his family recently. The incident's come as a recall effort is underway against Mahway Mayor Bill Lafore.

“Saturday night, I had my house vandalized. I had a hose put into my ground turned on to make sure that my basement would be flooded,” Hermansen said. “The day before, due to an anonymous tip, my house was checked for a potential runaway.”

FiOS 1 News has not been able to confirm that Hermansen's house was flooded but according to after police searched Hermansen home looking for a runaway teen. The teen’s parents took responsibility for the anonymous tip. They say the teen is a friend of Hermansen’s daughter and had previously stayed there.

The tension between the council president and the mayor stem from two controversial ordinances that the state has found to be discriminatory against orthodox Jews.

The first ordinance banning the use of Mahwah parks to non-residents, many who were orthodox Jews who live in New York. The second an ordinance that hoped to ban the placement of any sort of items on utility poles - that ordinance a response to the eruvs that were placed in Mahwah for orthodox Jews to use on the Sabbath.

The mayor and council president have blamed each other for the ordinances as the borough faces legal action from the state.

Hermansen expressed his frustration at what he said is happening to his family.

"I believe the mayor right now is trying to start up this to try to go in, and for whatever reason, whether it's to save his political career or whatever. I don't know. But I will not be part of this, and neither will my family. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of these games. This is not why we got here,” Hermansen said. also reports the mayor has denied any involvement in the incidents.

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