Jessica OrbonJul 27, 2018, 4:42 pmJul 30, 2018, 7:25 am

School superintendent accused of defecating on school property resigns

Kenilworth residents say it seems like he’s getting away with it


KENILWORTH – Superintendent of the Kenilworth School District Thomas Tramaglini, who is accused of defecated on Holmdel High School property, resigned on Thursday.

Back in May, Tramaglini was arrested after police said they received a report of a man defecating near the Holmdel High School Track. Using surveillance cameras, police arrested Tramaglini and charged him with lewdness, defecating in public, and littering.

People in Kenilworth said it seems like he's getting away with it. One anonymous crossing guard in the school district and said she would never guess Tramaglini could do something like this, but now her opinion of him has changed.

"Not too bright on his part, not at all. What kind of example are you setting for these children? We want them to have a good education and this is what you show? I don't want my great nephews ... should they be going to school with a superintendent like that?" the anonymous crossing guard said.

Before his resignation Thursday, Tamaglini was placed on paid leave that ended June 30. He's due back in court on Aug. 13.

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