Emily GirschJul 10, 2018, 2:32 pmAug 8, 2018, 5:43 pm

Democrat, Republican congressmen promise to work together on key issues

Tom Reed: ‘If people become cynical, they disengage in democracy. That's how democracy dies’


HACKENSACK – Democrat congressman from New Jersey, Josh Gottheimer, and Republican Congressman from New York, Tom Reed said now is the time for Congress to work together to level out the balance of power in Washington on Tuesday.

The promised to work together on issues like health care, infrastructure, and The Gateway Tunnel Project.

"We need to govern again. The country needs to see that democrats and republicans are willing to sit down together and talk together," Gottheimer said.

"If people become cynical and they disengage in democracy, that's how democracy dies," Reed said.

In a discussion with members of the Meadowlands chamber of commerce, the congressman also found common ground on job creation and stabilizing the healthcare system.

Another thing both congressmen agreed on was putting pressure on the federal government to put more money back into the gateway project.

"We have put together in the problem solver's caucus a whole infrastructure packet because everyone recognizes there's a trillion dollar hole in our infrastructure needs in America so there is a desire by many members to fill that need,” Reed said.

"For New York and New Jersey, if we don't get this project moving, we're going to face a hundred million dollar dead hit to the economy," Gottheimer said.

Gottheimer also criticized the administration's move last year of stripping federal dollars to the project and said calling it tax relief for the nation is a cop-out.

"You’ve got these other moocher states that take far more federal dollars. In New Jersey, we have to claw more federal dollars back for what we pay in federal taxes," Gottheimer said.

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