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Farmingdale sports bar boycotts NFL for Veterans Day

Instead of watching the game, people at Woody's Roadside Tavern spent the day fundraising for the Green Beret Foundation


FARMINGDALE — Sundays in November are synonymous with football, but a Farmingdale sports bar is getting national attention after tuning out the NFL for Veterans Day.

It started as a simple idea presented by Andy Barcellona, a veteran and regular at Woody's Roadside Tavern. He asked the owners to ban football games at the bar on Veterans Day weekend despite the fact that Sundays are the bar's third busiest and most lucrative day of the week.

"I was always a huge football fan, but the flag meant more than anything to me. So, I just said that if they wouldn't show those football games, hopefully the patrons would come and support them even if they gave up football for today," Barcellona said.

And people did just that.

"Unbelievable turnout, better than we ever expected. We thought we would have a small fundraiser going on and we have been packed since 11 a.m. this morning," Woody’s Roadside Tavern co-owner, Chris Maltese said.

They were so busy that their 100-car parking lot was full for most of the day, forcing many to park on the street.

Maltese estimates that they've seen over 500 people come through the bar so far. And they've been receiving support from more than just New Jersey residents, co-owner Jennifer Knapp says.

"We have been getting so many phone calls from all over the country, just people sending in checks, taking pictures of their credit card, saying, ‘Please we just want to support our veterans,’" Knapp said.

But it's not just a stand in solidarity, it's also a fundraiser. Twenty percent of all food sales will be going to the Green Beret Foundation.

"It's a great fundraiser for the Special Forces Foundation; we are happy to be involved, we are happy to be able to contribute," Wall resident Dan Geddes said.

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