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Hunger Free Bayonne works to stamp out hunger in their community

Volunteer: ‘As long as I can breathe I’m here every week’


BAYONNE – Volunteers from Hunger Free Bayonne are working to feed their community by making bags of vegetables and distributing it to those in need every Saturday. Anyone is eligible to receive food, no cards or identification are needed.

“They see what we have to offer them. They are happy to see it and get it, and that gives me a sense of satisfaction,” Scott DeAngelo said.

Founder and coordinator of Hunger Free Bayonne Stephanie Glover-Wilson said she wants to make sure food doesn’t go to waste when there are so many who need it.

“I don’t want no one to go to bed hungry and if we have companies throwing the food out, why not give it to the community,” Glover-Wilson said.

The line stretches down the block every Saturday.

“Every single Saturday rain, shine, snow, heat,” volunteer Sylvia Ortiz said.

Double-parked cars line up for people who can’t stand in line, like Gerry Rodgers.

“As long as I can breathe, I’m here every week,” Rodgers said. “People would be hungry if they didn’t come here.”

Glover-Wilson said in the past, she’s experienced what it’s like to be hungry.

“It was either go out and put gas in the car to feed my kids,” Glover-Wilson said.

Without the program, some said they wouldn’t eat at all.

“The potatoes, the onions, it saves us money. I wouldn’t eat vegetables because they are really expensive,” Ouria Velez said.

Glover-Wilson said she plans on keeping this tradition alive for years to come.

“This is working people, this is two-income families, this is a single mom,” Glover-Wilson said. “If a senior comes to me and says I ate today and I can come to you and get it, I feel good inside.”

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