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Immigrant advocates call on Hudson County to terminate contract with ICE

The agreement allows the agency to detain undocumented immigrants


JERSEY CITY— Hudson officials got an earful from constituents and activists on Thursday who want the county to get rid of a contract with ICE so they can use the Hudson County Correctional Facility to detain immigrants. The Hudson County Correctional Facility has served as a detention center for over 20 years. The county renewed its contract with ICE in July but immigration advocates from around the area are calling for the county to terminate that agreement. Chairperson Anthony Vanieri defended the process of detainment.

“I met them face to face. They want to stay,” Vanieri said.

He claimed some of the detainees actually like being held there because it keeps them close to their family.

“Some are from Hudson County. Some are from New York City. They're still close to their families in NYC,” he said.

While the contract has been signed, county officials say they have 60 days to terminate the agreement.

The next meeting for the Hudson County Freeholders is scheduled for September.

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