Arnold GodoyFeb 5, 2018, 1:39 pm

PD begin issuing fines to non-residents who cut through Leonia to GWB

Drivers who travel on borough roads during rush hour face $200 fine


LEONIA — Beginning Monday, borough police will charge a fine of $200 to non-residential drivers who cut through residential streets in order to bypass traffic to the George Washington Bridge during the morning and evening rush hour.

The borough has made it illegal to drive through parts of town in an effort to try to clear traffic off side roads. The law was put in effect two weeks ago, but Monday is when law enforcement will begin to hand out tickets for the violations.

During the first two weeks, officers were instructed to only give verbal warnings as commenters got used to the changes.

The borough has closed off 60 side roads to nonresidents.

Officials claim traffic has become an issue on local roads as commuters try to find shortcuts to the George Washington Bridge on their way into New York, especially through apps like Google Maps and Waze. The law makes it illegal to use those roads during the morning and evening rush hours. However, the borough could soon be going to court because of the law.

Lawyer Jaqueline Rosa has filed a complaint against Leonia that says the ban is a violation of the public’s right to freedom of transportation. Rosa says she wants to sit down with town leaders to work out a solution. Until that happens though, the ban is in effect. Drivers caught on those roads will have to pay the $200 fine.

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