Rob Romano Mar 3, 2018, 12:54 pm

Residents in Manasquan anticipate high tides, stronger winds than Friday’s storm

Communities prepare for howling winds, flooding


MANASQUAN — Waves inside the Manasquan Inlet were choppy Saturday morning due to an oncoming high tide after Friday’s storm. Many communities across the shore ran the risk of flooding, which the high tide was said to be the strongest and worst of the recent nor’easter. And the strong winds made it feel even colder than it really was outside.

"[W]e were afraid some trees were going to come down, but thank goodness nothing came down around here,” said Manasquan resident Bryan Hickman. “But at the high tides, we do have to worry. as you can see now (the water) is starting to come over the wall."

Low-lying bridges were also closed in anticipation of flooding waters.

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