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PD: Video of possible threat to Middletown school is not credible

Patrols will be around Middletown HS North throughout day to reassure parents their kids are safe


MIDDLETOWN — Class is in session at Middletown High School North after a video posted online, just days ago, spoke about bullets and of a possible threat.

"I work in New York City. It's going to be really hard to commute today," said Carly Vena, whose son goes to Middletown High School North. Her son usually carpools, but on Thursday things were different.

"I usually have a carpool. The other kid didn't come. That parent kept their kid home," Vena said.

The reason so many were scared because of the video, which police have recently deemed not a credible threat.

Police said the video caused a scare among parents and as the story spread, so too did misinformation about what had happened.

Superintendent of Middletown Township Public Schools Bill George said the district worked with police to get the word out as quickly as possible, but the rumors had already spread.

"That is unfortunate because I think as a school district we try to come with one voice. Come with the facts, come with the truth, work with our community, with our police departments, and they really should let the one voice of truth speak so that students and parents and school community can get a true picture of what’s going on,” George said.

Middletown police said the bullets in the video are only empty shell cases, so the student did not have any access to a gun or bullets. The student has been suspended.

A couple of police cars were on patrol at Middletown High School earlier Thursday morning. Middletown police say there will continue to be a police presence at the school and at other schools throughout the day.

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