NJ Gov. Phil Murphy has signed an executive order declaring state of emergency in five flood-impacted counties
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National March for Our Lives tour makes stop in New Jersey

Parkland survivors continue talks on gun reform with Morristown student activists


MORRISTOWN — Students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School joined forces with the New Jersey chapter of March for Our Lives for a picnic in Lindgerwood Park to promote civic engagement on gun reform on Thursday.

Student activists from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School are trying to keep the talks on gun reform going by traveling across the country to meet with local student chapters of the March for Our Lives movement. The goal is to educate students on gun legislation and encourage them to vote for lawmakers who want to make changes.

New Jersey March for Our Lives chapter leader Sarah Emily Baum said even though the state has stricter gun laws than many other states, gun violence is a problem everywhere.

"Sometimes, people question me personally and ask, 'Why are you doing this? New Jersey doesn't have a lot of mass shootings, we have strict gun laws.' But on the streets of Newark, Camden, gun violence ravages those communities,” Baum said. “A couple months ago in Trenton, there was a mass shooting and, thankfully, no one died, but 30 people were injured or shot. So, it's absolutely still an issue here.”

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