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$50M funding planned for North Brunswick transit hub

City officials say project will promote growth and help environment


NORTH BRUNSWICK — The state is putting in $50 million in funding for the train station at the Main Street transit village. The funding from the state Transportation Trust Fund was announced over the weekend.

Residents say they’re looking forward to the day it’s completed.

"I think it'll be pretty awesome because, right now, we have to wait for the bus and it's not that frequent. It's a Coach USA bus. So there is no, like, regular transport. We either need to go to Jersey Avenue, or New Brunswick," said commuter Ali Alibadani.

The trek for a commuter is quite a distance, as Jersey Avenue station is about 4.5 miles away and the New Brunswick station is nearly 8 miles away.

Other residents though say they may not use the train because of the cost.

"I don't know if I'd planned to use it. The trains are still very expensive," Jason Thorkildsen said.

City leaders are for the project. The mayor says the station and transit village will promote growth and help the environment. Middlesex County shows its support and is committed to building the parking facilities at the train station site.

The city of North Brunswick has been preparing for this moment. The transit village is already coming together with new townhouses, restaurants and stores.

Residents are excited for the change but hope the cost of living doesn't skyrocket.

"I'm hoping for a few more restaurants. Honestly, that's probably what I'm really hoping for. I'm just worried costs will go up,” Thorkildsen said.

The project has been four years in the making. The key element of the transit village, the new station is now closer to moving from an idea to a reality with this funding.

So far, no timeline has been revealed on when this will be completed, but in the past, officials have said they estimate it would take about 18 months to finish the station.

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