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Ocean Twp. police officers praised for saving baby and family from house fire

Body camera footage by Officers Chris Clune and Arthur Barnek detail rescue on Maidenstone Drive


OCEAN TOWNSHIP — Two police officers are being hailed as heroes after they ran into a burning home to save a baby. The intense rescue which was all captured on their body cameras.

The frantic cries of a mother are heard on footage which shows how close one family was to losing it all, including their one-year-old daughter.

Ocean Township Police Dept. Officers Chris Clune and Arthur Barnek are being hailed as heroes when the two decided to run into a burning house to rescue a family and their baby.

Officers say they were on patrol early Tuesday morning when they spotted smoke coming from the home on Maidenstone Drive.

“We happened to smell smoke in the air and located a fire,” said Officer Barnek.

“Just because we saw it in progress, we did notify the fire department. But who knows if we waited for the fire department what could've happened, so we had to act quickly,” said Officer Clune.

The body camera footage shows officers trying to locate the woman's husband who was still asleep and a baby in a dark house that was filling with smoke.

“At first, we knocked on the door. The home owner, the female came outside with her three-year-old, and I went and told the husband he had to wake up and get out of the house ‘cause he was still sleeping. We both went in. My partner Art when upstairs and grabbed the baby,” said Officer Clune.

“You know, the smoke's building up in the home. She's a young child, so you just quickly want to get her out of the residence safely. ... Our next goal was to get the neighbors out,” Officer Barnek said.

The family and officers made it out safe and the family has since returned to the home.

When asked what it feels like to be called heroes, they denied the title and added that they were just doing their jobs.

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