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Officials push to create massive veterans clinic in Toms River

The 80,000-square foot clinic would provide treatment, counseling


TOMS RIVER — A rundown bank may soon become the site of a brand new outpatient clinic for veterans in Ocean County; though, the site needs repairs and upgrades.

"They've put their life on the line and we should be able to provide medical care for when they need it," Councilman Mo Hill said.

Councilman Hill and other elected officials hope to get the green light on gaining access to the 20 acres of land on Hooper Avenue near Caudina Avenue in Toms River. Councilman Hill is looking to build an expanded facility where thousands of veterans can get medical and mental health treatment as well as counseling and help with government services. There's already a veterans clinic not too far in Brick, but Councilman Gill says what this new location has is just that: location.

"We've got shopping, restaurants, and the Veteran's Service Bureau really in walking distance, so there's a lot that veterans can do if this is selected," he said.

Hill sent a letter of intent to the state asking to declare the property as in need of redevelopment. If the permits are granted and the Veterans Association chooses to build, it would serve the nearly 60,000 veterans living in Ocean.

The plan is to build an 80,000-square foot clinic with nearly 500 parking spaces.

Councilman Hill says the next step is getting each piece of land to be under one owner

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