NJ Gov. Phil Murphy has signed an executive order declaring state of emergency in five flood-impacted counties
Emily DroobyMar 11, 2018, 7:47 pm

Officials question utility companies’ efforts as hundreds remain without power in Wyckoff

Residents have been in the dark since Wednesday


WYCKOFF — Power companies say they're close to getting the lights back on for thousands across New Jersey whose thinning patience has turned into anger.

After five full days without power, both Congressman Josh Gottheimer and the Wyckoff Mayor Brian Scanlan toured parts of New Jersey as part of an effort to check out storm recovery. Both politicians are very upset that there are still people without power so long after this storm.

"You have 512 families in Wyckoff alone where actually there is still the greatest number of outages that have been without power since Wednesday. And you can't have it that people don't have heat," Congressman Gottheimer said.

Both politicians directed that anger towards the leadership at utility companies who they say dropped the ball.

"This was a very predictable event. Everyone knew it was coming and we have been pressuring Orange and Rockland, in particular, to get ample resources on the ground to restore power. We still have, as of today, more than 500 people without power," Mayor Scanlan said.

At the Wyckoff neighborhood visited by the congressman and mayor today, many on this street still don't have power. Sunday is the first time they've seen crews working on the power lines and that gives them hope.

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