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Palisades Park school board members call for investigation into security officers

Allegedly officers never underwent background check, have expired handgun permits


PALISADES PARK – School board members in Palisades Park are calling for an investigation into recently hired school nine security officers; allegedly the officers never went through the necessary background checks.

Parents at Palisades Park High School said they received a notification from the School Superintendent Joseph Cirillo, who assured parents checks were completed and their gun permits up to date.

However, reports no background checks were completed, no resumes were collected, and two of the former officers have expired handgun permits. The publication also reports some of the guards faced serious accusations in the past; including aggravated assault, police brutality and lying to authorities.

Meanwhile, two of the officers have been pulled from school grounds although it's unclear why.

"That is a little concerning because I would want that on the table. And investigated before they're hired to secure a school," Milly Nieves, whose child attends school in Palisades Park, said.

The nine armed guards were hired for the district in response to the parkland Florida shooting earlier this year.

Some parents are happy to see the heightened security but want to make sure their children's security is in the right hands.

"Well as a parent and you know the situation with all the school shootings I feel comfortable with armed security at the schools. But definitely, they should have background checks. I mean you don't know anything, you really can’t trust anyone," Nieves said.

The addition of the school security guards will cost the district $250,000 annually. State law requires background checks for any employee or contractor in regular contact with students.

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