NJ Gov. Phil Murphy has signed an executive order declaring state of emergency in five flood-impacted counties
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Residents in Wyckoff long for spring weather as nor’easter arrives

Storm begins to drop snow on communities after slow start


WYCKOFF — It's a different kind of march madness in Bergen County where the snow has started to fall hard. This is the fourth big storm this month and people say they are getting frustrated with this batch of winter weather.

“I’ve had it. I'm cold. I want spring," said George Peterson of Waldwick.

“Well I'm just sick of it because I hate when we lose power. You get so used to living a certain lifestyle and it just affects everything,” said Allendale resident Geisa Flynn.

Thousands lost power for days in Bergen County during the last big storm, which is causing some people concern for Wednesday's storm.

“I'm getting tired of it. After last week's storm, being here in Wyckoff with all the damage that we had. It just takes a toll on you mentally,” said John Dollar, director of Buildings and Grounds in the Wyckoff Board of Education

Dollar said classes were also cancelled three days last week because of the previous storm. This means that he's working overtime to clear parking lots.

“I usually gets round to golfing by now and there's no golf in sight,” Dollar added.

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