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Ridgefield Park police investigate shooting threat made against high school

Police, board of education have not been able to identify who made the threat, classes continue anyway


RIDGEFIELD PARK –Ridgefield Park police are investigating a threat of violence made against the Ridgefield Park High School. The police department sent an out alert saying that they are aware of a threat that was made against the high school on social media and said they have been monitoring the school grounds overnight. The school district has not canceled any classes.

A Facebook post by Tai Rodriguez claims that a high school student told her sister's friend that he is going to "shoot up the school during finals week." The post has been shared more than 100 times, with some parents saying they will not be sending their kids to school on Wednesday as a precaution.

The district website said those tests are scheduled for the rest of the week, starting shortly before 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

Reports said that police and the board of education have not been able to find the person who made the original threat, however they are still investigating and have more students to speak with today.

Ridgefield Park police are asking anyone with information to contact their detective bureau immediately.

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