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Some commuters take to the rails to avoid slick roads caused by latest nor’easter

Tracks at the Hackensack station in Essex Street were covered with only a dusting for the morning rush


HACKENSACK — It was another snowy morning for commuters at Essex Street station Tuesday morning as the snow fell hard on commuters waiting for their trains. But even in the conditions, the station platform stayed clear, and the tracks were covered with only a dusting.

Trains arriving at the station were on time, but passenger Ryan Licker said that's not always the case when it snows.

“New Jersey Transit, they don't inform you at all. You just come here and if it doesn't show up, you got to hop in an Uber to Fort Lee,” Licker said, who was also spared that Uber trip. Meantime, other riders said they would much prefer to ride the train than drive in the snow.

“As long as the trains are running and the snow isn't horrible, That's not so bad,” said local resident Vitina Speciale-Olmo, who drives her car to the station. She said that the roads were clear Tuesday morning; however, that could easily change throughout the day.

“I would still tell people to be cautious,” Speciale-Olmo said. “I would say take the train in, take it home, be safe.”

For those who drove during the morning rush, there was a large number of plows out, treating and salting the roads to keep them clear for drivers.

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