Arnold GodoyApr 19, 2018, 2:15 pm

Southern Jersey City to lose Citi Bike docking stations

Commuters try to get bicycle sharing company to reconsider the proposal


JERSEY CITY — Citi Bike has announced plans to remove and relocate several of its bicycle docking stations from Southern Jersey City. The nine locations set to be moved are currently located at the Garfield, Danforth, West Side, Martin Luther King Drive Light Rail Stations, New Jersey City University, Columbia Park, the Bethune center, Bayside Park, and Union Street.

The docks that service the southern part of Jersey City, are being removed because officials say their ridership is consistently low and that it's no longer cost-effective to keep them running.

The docks at Columbia Park and NJCU have already been taken offline.

However, Colleen McElhearn, who uses a Citi Bike every day as part of her commute, is very upset about the proposal.

"I’ve been using it for the last, almost two years now. And really excited about it. Very disheartening they've talked about taking this away,” McElhearn said.

McElhearn says that the bikes have greatly improved her commute.

"I walked down to the PATH and it was a good 30 minutes. This cuts down my commute by a good 15 to 20 minutes each way. It’s good to kind where I can work in the city and be home all in under an hour. I work in midtown," McElhearn said.

Colleen and other riders in the area have started to plan for the day the bikes are no longer available for use.

"I probably have to walk 12 blocks to use the nearest city bike until my membership runs out and then decide what I will do from there,” McElhearn said.

It is not clear exactly when the relocation will happen.

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