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Teachers in Bergen County who’ve been without contract for 2 years reject latest deal

Teacher's union and Ramapo Indian Hill School District aim to reach accord in June


OAKLAND — The Ramapo Indian Hill School District and its teachers union have been in a standoff for more than two years. Now Board President Jane Castor says the union had rejected a recommendation delivered to the disputing parties last week.

Some issues include disagreements over salary, longevity pay, and health care cost. Now the parties will have another meeting in June, called a super conciliation. This means a third party will be brought it to try to solve the problems.

The district has two high schools for students from Oakland, Franklin Lakes, and Wyckoff. Three hundred teachers are represented by the union, as well as other support staff. The report explaining both sides is located on the district website.

By the time the teacher's union and school district try to hammer out their differences again in June, they will have been in a contract standoff for 30 months.

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