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Measuring the impact of the arts in New Jersey

According to Americans for the Arts, nonprofit arts in the state have a $520M economic impact


MORRISTOWN — A national study by Americans for the Arts has discovered that non-profit arts in the state of New Jersey have a $520 million economic impact.

The numbers were revealed on Wednesday in Morris County, along with the county's numbers, which showed their non-profit arts and culture industry generated about $31.8 million in annual economic activity.

"There's so much benefit to the arts, and now we are starting to quantify it," said Nick Paleologos, the Executive Director of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

The study also says that in Morris County, the arts supports 982 jobs annually.

"For every three cents that we can invest, the organizations spend one dollar so the return on investment is huge," said Paleologos.

In addition to the money spent by the non-profit arts and culture organizations, it also brings in outside money, thanks to it's audiences coming into town, paying for parking having dinner, buying souvenirs and more.

"For us it means that arts is business; it's not just there for the educational value. It's an important factor in economic development and the reinvestment of NJ towns and cities," said Adam Perle, President of ArtPride New Jersey.

According to the data, a typical arts attendee spends about $31 per event in the county, and that's not even including the price of admission.

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