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Famous block of cottages in Totowa known as Midgetville to be demolished in December

Homes have been sitting idle, collecting trash since Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc on neighborhood 5 years ago

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A group of homes in Totowa that have caught the attention of the public for years may finally be torn down.

Norwood Terrace, located in a section of Totowa known locally as Midgetville.

According to our partners at The Record, the homes have been sitting idle, collecting trash since Hurricane Irene swept through and wreaked havoc on the neighborhood five years ago. And come December, demolition crews will begin tearing down the relatively small homes.

Some residents say the scaled down homes can't be torn down fast enough. The borough council is paying a contractor nearly $50,000 to knock the homes down to the ground.

Residents tell FiOS1 News the neighborhood full of tiny flood-prone cottages have attracted a mass of on-lookers trying to grab a view of the homes for years.

An additional home on Riverview Drive is also expected to be demolished. The borough bought out these homes out years ago so people won't be affected when the homes come down.

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