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Former Navy helicopter pilot hoping to challenge Rep. Frelinghuysen

Mikie Sherrill says she wants tot take New Jersey in a different direction and is ready to take on th3 20-year incumbent

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“I think Rodney Frelinghuysen has, after 22 years, stopped representing the district. I think he is in lock-step with this Trump Administration that is not working for the district.”

Those are the words of Mikie Sherrill, a former helicopter pilot in the U.S. Navy and mother of four who says she wants to challenge Rep. Frelinghuysen for his seat in the 11th Congressional District in November 2018.

Sherrill currently lives in Montclair, in a section that actually lies in the state’s 10th district. Despite this, however, Sherrill says she feels fit to represent the 11th, as she calls it “her town.”

“That’s where my kids play lacrosse, that’s where we go to the movies. I’ve certainly been talking to neighbors and friends. As a working mom, I’m very concerned with a lot of the same issues that many people throughout our district are concerned with,” Sherrill said.

Sherrill says that some her main priorities during her campaign would be affordable access to college, women’s health and workplace issues.

Given Rep. Frelinghuysen's long tenure in office, Sherrill says she knows she’s facing an uphill fight, but is already looking to map out what needs to be done on the long road to next November.

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