Jessica OrbonDec 6, 2017, 8:10 pmDec 7, 2017, 2:03 pm

Montclair ice cream shop's 'cheeky' logo draws criticism

Some residents say the logo for Dairy Air Ice Cream is too sexualized


MONTCLAIR — The logo of the Dairy Air Ice Cream Company has become the source of a "cheeky" controversy.

The logo, which depicts a cartoon cow's bare bottom, is displayed on shades inside of the ice cream shop on Bloomfield Avenue. The logo has caused a buzz on social media for portraying the cow in a sexualized manner.

While some residents say there's no harm in the logo, some say they are concerned about the effect the logo could have on young girls.

"As a parent, although of a young adult woman and will be a grandmother in a week of a granddaughter, I want a different world for her," said Maria Heritier, of Montclair. "I want her to come in here for ice cream and say 'yummy' and not have to see it sexualized."

Since opening, the ice cream shop has taken down its website and Instagram account and did not want to comment on the issue.

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