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Mothers impacted by police-related violence gather to honor Eric Garner’s life

Garner's mother and Reverend Al Sharpton mark three years since his death


It was a scene captured on video that shook everyone who saw it.

43-year-old Eric Garner was killed in Staten Island three years ago when a police officer put him in a chokehold while arresting him for selling untaxed cigarettes.

Five months later, the officer was not indicted, sparking national protests on police misconduct against unarmed black men.

It’s been three years since Garner’s death, Reverend Al Sharpton gathered with mothers impacted by police-related violence in Linden.

"We are here to celebrate my son's life. Everybody knew how horrendous his death was, so now we are celebrating the life of Eric Garner. We as mothers are collaborating, getting together. We want to get justice for all," Gwen Carr, Eric Garner's mother said.

After a church service at New Hope Baptist Church, Sharpton joined the Garner family and other mothers of victims of police misconduct at Garner's grave site at Rosedale Cemetery.

"We haven't gotten justice yet, but we are still fighting and we are not giving up," Carr said.

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