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HBO series ‘Divorce’ returns for season 2

FiOS1 News’ Christine Sloan speaks with stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church


The dark comedy television series "Divorce," starring Sarah Jessica Parker, is returning to HBO.

In season one of the series, Parker's character, Frances, and her husband, played by Thomas Haden Church, go through an ugly separation.

"The first season, he's sort of blindsided, by what at first glance, seems like betrayal," Church says.

But does it get more amicable in Season 2?

"Yes, it has to,” Parker says.” I think you can't function, certainly, you can't parent and be in a constant state of agitation and conflict. It just would be unbearable, I think, for all parties, but primarily for the children."

Parker also says there are a few surprises in the new season.

"There are some revelations that are surprising to the characters, to about themselves. If this is a new chapter, things will feel different and look different and they'll behave differently," Parkers says, who is best known for her iconic role in "Sex and the City.” She is also the executive producer of "Divorce."

"I'm thrilled to hear how enthusiastic people have been after having watched the season. I think it's a joyful and fun and we worked hard to maintain the tone in some ways from the first season, but also let the characters live outside this marriage," Parker says.

As far as working with her, co-star Church has nothing but praise for Parker.

"She is probably the most consummate professional who also happens to be a supremely funny, thoughtful person," Church says.

Not having to go through a divorce, Parker credits the writing in helping her prepare for the role.

"… You have good words on the page and you have good stories to tell," Parker says.

Other familiar faces on the HBO series are Talia Balsam and Molly Shannon.

Season two of “Divorce” premieres Jan. 14 on HBO.

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