Enzo DomingoMar 5, 2016, 12:33 am

Newly announced stun gun policy aimed at reducing use of force faces opposition

ACLU: Use of weapon does not reduce police-involved shootings

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The American Civil Liberties Union is against the new stun gun policy announced by acting State Attorney General John Hoffman.

Hoffman says using stun guns will reduce the use of deadly force. The policy previously stopped officers from using stun guns on people resisting arrest, unless the officer believed that person would be a danger to anyone.

The revision gives the officer the wider freedom to use stun guns, given that in the heat of the moment, they may not be able have enough time to determine the amount of danger a person poses.

The change also states that officers who carry stun guns must go through mandatory training for de-escalation methods. The ACLU commends that addition, but they say it's not enough.

The ACLU says they are compiling data to show that stun gun use does not actually reduce shootings by police officers.

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