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Newark residents report hearing shots fired right before multi-car crash

Police investigating on South Orange Avenue and South 10th Street

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Newark police are on the scene at South 10th Street and South Orange Avenue after residents reported hearing shots fired and then a multi-car crash early Tuesday morning.

“I just heard shots outside the window. I didn't know where they were coming from,” said resident Tony. The noise woke him up around 4:30 a.m. He says the sound of shots fired was followed by the sound of an explosion.

The explosion was the sound of this black Mercedes SUV crashing into several other cars parked on 10th Street near South Orange Avenue.

Ivy Bynam ran outside of her home and said the SUV crashed into her son's car, pushing it into the middle of the street. She says she noticed the driver of the SUV had been shot and was unconscious.

“We ran out to see if anyone was hurt, that's when we saw the guy was still in the car. We could hear Onstar in his car asking if he was okay, but he wasn't responding,” Bynam said.

Reports say an ambulance did transport one person to the hospital.

Newark police could not share further details about the shooting as the investigation is ongoing.

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