FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam explores presents for graduation day, Father's Day

Vehicles offer reserved seating, restrooms, power outlets and other amenities

The 80,000-square foot clinic would provide treatment, counseling

FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam speaks with Verizon spokesperson David Weissman

National Immigrant Justice Center says measure could benefit more than 500K state residents

Ahead of special board meeting, NJT announces motives outside of Bhalla’s plans

The company announced that it would close or sell its 735 stores across the country, including its Babies R Us stores, in a move that jeopardizes more than 30,000 jobs

FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam sits with Nahum Daniels for advice

Finance experts explain what the plunge means for the economy

Amazon plans to invest $5B in the new headquarters and could employ as many as 50K people in and around the city it chooses

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