Bellville School 10 closed today due to water main break, school officials say



The city's public schools had been under control of state lawmakers in Trenton for nearly 3 decades

Many students are in tears when faced with saying goodbye; financial shortfall led to the institution’s closure

After students found their pro-Trump statements censored, a teacher has been suspended pending an investigation

In 1989, the district was taken over by the state due to educational failures

Students can graduate with associate degree, earn credits toward a 4-year degree

Daniel Sinclair elected to 2-year term during semi-annual meeting Saturday

Rana Daher was studying at Aleppo University when civil war broke out in her country

Students boarded buses to Trenton to rally outside Dept. of Education, demanding adequate funding

‘Classrooms’ at the Freehold Learning Center are situated in an open space, separated only by pieces of furniture

The layoffs could mean as many as 50 students to a classroom and cuts to after-school activities

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