Officials say many poisonous mushrooms resemble edible ones

Inexpensive drug which can cause hallucinations, death is not yet banned on the federal level

Experts say that PTSD affects 1 in 5 veterans

FiOS1 speaks with County Prosecutor Gurbir Grewal about the steps the county is taking to battle the epidemic

Local officials are warning those who plan to enjoy water sports in the river to take precautions

DEP says swallowing contaminated water can result in cramps or diarrhea from gastrointestinal illnesses

The Department of Health has issued a health alert after the teen exposed a hotel and hospital to the contagious infection

Menendez is meeting with women across the state to hear their stories and urge Republicans to drop the repeal effort

Anyone who comes every Wednesday while the HART program is underway will not face legal consequences, police say

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