At issue are provisions that would end deductions for state and local sales; income taxes and would cap the property tax deduction at $10K

If Menendez is convicted he could face pressure to resign from the Senate, or could be voted out by a two-thirds majority

The state's 'Pharmacy Practice Act' now allows pharmacies without Medical Directors to distribute Narcan

The definition of official bribery was altered by a U.S. Supreme Court decision last year, that overturned the conviction of a former Virginia governor

Former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, plead not guilty to felony charges of conspiracy

Attorneys filed the motion over the weekend accusing judge of unfairly limiting what evidence or witnesses they could present

The Gold Star father became famous in 2016 for his feud with President Donald Trump

Menendez: "I am deeply disappointed that it came to the point that my lawyers had to make the motion they made today"

Trump: "There is great unity in the Republican Party"

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