Lawmakers play the blame game as talks over immigration stall

"We're doing fine," Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin said of the bill heading for a vote in his chamber Thursday night. "I have confidence we'll pass this."

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy attends Newark roundtable, with some of the states struggling workforce

Dignitaries from across the state attended the event

Christie: 'I ran to be different. I ran to talk bluntly. I ran to shine lights on all of New Jersey's real problems'

Bannon had helped Trump form a coalition of anti-establishment Republicans, blue-collar working class and economic nationalists that launched him to the White House

Mayor Ravinder Bhalla signs first Executive Order declaring city fair and welcoming to all immigrants

The township faces lawsuit from the state, a federal suit from the Bergen Rockland Eruv Association

Senate passes bill to keep government running through Jan. 19

Lawmakers will return in January facing challenges on immigration, the federal budget, health care and national security along with legislation to increase the government's authority to borrow money

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