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Robert Thomas, 42, body was found at a depth of about 171 feet

The 2 who wanted to convict could not explain why they felt he was guilty, juror no. 1 says

The senator’s legal troubles might not be over

‘A Night of Too Many Stars’ will air on HBO in partnership with non-profit group

Obesity is one of the highest contributing factors to high blood pressure, doctors say

Activist groups are hoping that Governor-Elect Phill Murphy will do more to safeguard the area from an accident

De Blasio's first term was dogged by feuds with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and investigations into campaign donations and pay-to-play politics

De Blasio is facing Republican state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis and several third-party candidates

The race on Sunday occurs just days after a truck attack in Manhattan killed 8 people

100 mourners carried candles as they walked on the promenade next the route where the terrorist incident occurred

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