New Jersey

New Jersey


Residents hope traffic congestion will ease in areas around newly-renovated span

FiOS1 News’ Meteorologist Geoff Bansen has the outlook for Day 3 of the heat wave impacting the Garden State

He says the city needs to continue to keep pushing for economic development

Neighbors say the riders took a ride down a hill in the backyard of a home when they hit a tree

Wendi Winters was a key organizer of fundraisers, children’s religion teacher

Hanging Out With Restaurateur Tim McLoone in Sea Bright

Talking To Celebrity Chef David Burke in Sea Bright

The legislation would require states to send notices of motor vehicle violations to a federal database, which then would notify school districts or private bus companies within 24 hours

If a state budget is not enacted, state parks, public beaches and government offices would face a shutdown

Thomas Podschelne: ‘I love my family, I can't say enough that they've supported me through this.’

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