New Jersey

New Jersey


Superintendent: Students and staff are not permitted into building until inspection results determine it is safe to return

Bryan Cordero-Castro of Long Branch allegedly stabbed the 16-year-old on Saturday

The incident allegedly occurred during chase on foot, suspect has been taken to hospital for treatment

2 trains became disabled overnight, stranded hundreds of passengers

Board of Education member: ‘Every flag was a person; there's a person behind each flag’

Mikie Sherrill: ‘If this Congress refuses to keep kids safe, we will elect a Congress that will’

Investigation launched after grand jury report found sexual abuse of more than 1,000 children by about 300 priests in Pennsylvania since the 1940s

Eating Sushi in Sea Bright

County Freeholders say that the county's contract with the agency will end in 2020

Republicans are lukewarm on raising the wage alone

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Jersey City, New Jersey