Police attempt to get security footage from supermarket, hope it will lead to arrests

Robert Bruce saved a 4-year-old girl from drowning

State Senator Bob Smith says the legislation would create a 10 cent tax on every 1,000 gallons of water consumed, costing an average family $32 a year

Tyrone Krause, a doctor at the Jersey City Medical Center, was allowed to join the reserves because people with his skills are in high demand

Willie Sambogna, an Independent, made a post saying, 'This is not the year to vote for any Korean candidate'

Officials say that giving more people access to licenses will make the streets safer and benefit the economy

Anti-Defamation League: Identity Evropa focuses on white American culture, promotes white European identity

NY Waterway has stated its desire to turn the area into a ferry maintenance site, but is facing public opposition

Workers at the Woodcrest Nursing Home say they have not received a raise in 6 years

Officials say the new policy amends all marijuana-related offenses to local ordinance offenses

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