FiOS1 News' Mike Gilliam finds out what's hot and new for students this year

Repairs on roadway are expected to take 2 and a half years

Delays, changes in route and cancellations are likely to affect commuters until mid-September

Residents say building engineers won’t be able to start work on the structure until the rain stops

The district also agreed to pay Thomas Tramaglini $61K for the months he went on leave

Accident causes closures in northbound local, express lanes

Community in shock that SkinnyFromThe9 was involved in a crime

Decades later, and 'the fact that we still have to fight this fight is tragic'

Team prepares for pre-season opener with 3rd overall pick, Sam Darnold

Boyfriend of victim: ‘She was there for everybody, no matter what, she made sure everybody was okay before herself’

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