Monmouth County prosecutors investigating deadly late-night shooting in Asbury Park



New Jersey has some of the nation's toughest gun regulations; critics say new gun control laws will not make the state any safer

Orthodox Jewish group took borough to court after mayor issued a stop order on eruvs in the community

Neveah Hernandez is the second pediatric death from the flu in New Jersey this year

A study from says that Jersey City ranks #1 in several categories, including the most languages spoken

Residents say they are happy local officials are taking on the congestion issues during rush hour

Republican Rick Blood said his post, which compared immigrants to "rabid, messy, mean raccoons," was copied from a friend

Prosecutors say Rahimi showed no remorse for his actions and has tried to radicalize his fellow inmates

Bob Hugin kicks off campaign, makes first appearance as a candidate for the US Senate at Springfield Elks Club

Project will last for 3 months; Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosello will appoint 2 members

The white powder-filled package was addressed to Donald Trump Jr.

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