People who reside near the intersection of Jasper Street and Union Avenue say the area is a hotspot for gang activity

Rep. Josh Gottheimer says that dumping contaminated waste next to water is a threat to the community and the water supply

Andy DeJesus, 18, and Joel Nunez, 18, have both pleaded not guilty to the murder of Dervy Almonte-Moore

Last month, the county decided that the county would renew its contract with ICE to continue housing detainees at the Hudson County Jail

Naloxone, known as Narcan, is a medication used to reverse the effects of opioid overdoses

NJ AG Grewal said it's largest single-day action state has taken in at least a decade, the first new natural resources damages case since 2008

The new Queen Ditch Drainage Facilities are expected to be able to handle normal rain storms and prevent the city's roads from being inundated

Prosecutors: Leo Donaldson engaged in sexual situations with victims at home in Essex County and former residence in Jersey City

Residents are worried their homes could be at risk if another storm hits the shore

Angelina Tirado says she hopes she can inspire women and girls to pursue their dreams

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