A memorabilia dealer claims New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning conspired with the team's equipment staff to sell bogus "game-used" helmets to unsuspecting collectors as part of a long-running scam

The bill is seen as a way to stop forced marriages

Fines would start at $250, go up to $1K

A lawsuit has been filed by people who do not want to see the statue moved from its current location at Exchange Place

Amy Hulings, 47, was found in her home on May 6

The city has adopted the Vision Zero initiative to reduce fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic

The nation's 3rd largest transit system ranks #459 on the prestigious Forbes List and #15 in the state of New Jersey

According to Daytop New Jersey, 1 in 10 children have mental health conditions, and 70 percent are not receiving treatment

Over $800K will be invested in the neighborhood of Fairmount Heights

Landscapers discovered the symbol of hate at property on Pershing Avenue

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