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Lincroft mother gears up for NYC Marathon after surgery setback

Tracy McGee says her goal is to finish a big race under 4 hours 30 minutes


LINCROFT -- A New Jersey mom is setting out to prove how tough she is. The 44-year-old is preparing to run the New York City marathon after recovering from painful surgery.

It's crunch time for Tracy McGee of Lincroft.

The mother of three is in all out preparation mode as she gears up to run the new marathon's grueling 26-mile course this weekend.

McGee is running in the famed marathon as an official member of Team ULTRA, a team of 95 runners who Michelob ULTRA has selected after hearing their stories of how they've gone the extra mile.

McGee is no different. In fact she's earned somewhat of a reputation of being a tough cookie after running the 2016 Boston marathon under extraordinary circumstances.

It's taken McGee more than a year to recover from surgery for her broken hip and to get back out pounding the pavement again. But through her own perseverance, that's exactly what's she's doing. And come Sunday she'll use the same will power and the strength of her Michelob ULTRA teammates to go the extra mile yet again.

Mcgee says her goal is to finish the big race in under four hours and 30 minutes. It should be quite the comeback for her.

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