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Paterson Museum exhibits eco-friendly fashion designed by local artists

Opening day showcased eco-chic clothing made out of discarded materials


Bubble wrap, electrical cords and scrap metal might not be items you expect to see on clothing unless you head over to the Eco-Chic Exhibit at the Paterson Museum.

"I always had this dream to develop a program for the Paterson Museum highlighting our textile industry in Paterson but at the same time looking at what's current now in high fashion and to the future," exhibit curator Cristina Deutsch said.

All of the materials at the exhibit were made from eco-sustainable materials like a tie which was made from horse gear and upholstery.

“I have invited some of the best fashion companies to participate in this project by donating their recyclable and discard materials such as bubble wrap, upholstery, discarded metal, paper, and fleece and they were able to come up with such beautiful pieces," Deutsch said.

The opening day ceremony also included a fashion show from local models and some students.

Coordinated by professor of fashion and marketing at Berkeley College William Fillerino, the show featured fashions spanning several decades.

"We started with the 1980s and worked our way back to the mid-1800s, showing how fabrics either were or were not sustainable," Fillerino said.

Whether you're eco-friendly or into fashion, the exhibit is worth checking out and will be open until January 31.


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