Arnold GodoyOct 6, 2017, 12:51 pm

Family mourns 9-year-old boy who fell to his death from 2nd floor balcony in Perth Amboy

Balcony railing wasn't stable and should have been replaced by the landlord, the family says


Raquel Fernandez and her family still struggling to accept reality today.

Her nine-year-old cousin, Dariel, fell to his death from the second floor balcony Thursday evening in Perth Amboy, authorities say.

His 13-year-old cousin, Jason, also fell and is now in the hospital with injuries.

Jason is expected to be OK. His grandmother, Socorro Reyes, told FiOS1 News in Spanish that she was able to speak with the teen last night.

The family tells us they feel the tragedy could have been avoided. The railing didn't look stable and should have been replaced by the landlord a long time ago.

No word yet on what may have caused the railing to give way but officials say there’s an ongoing investigation.

Now this family mourning the loss.

But in their sadness they remember Dariel, sharing the good memories they'll never forget.

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