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Police searching for missing talent agent from Oradell

Mark Schlegel left his home with no keys, no phone and no wallet on Sunday; he has not been seen since


Police in Oradell are trying to put together the pieces to what happened to 57-year-old Mark Schlegel after the Manhattan talent agent allegedly left home with no keys, no phone and no wallet on Wednesday.

Schlegel, who works for Cornerstone Talent Agency, was last seen leaving his house after a minor argument with his wife at around 3:30 p.m. last Sunday.

The Oradell Police Department has launched an extensive investigation on Schlegel's whereabouts with the help of the New York City Police Department and police in Indiana, where Schlegel has family. Helicopters and search parties were deployed in Oradell earlier this week and yesterday, blood hounds tracked him from his home to the 165 bus, providing investigators with a new lead in the case.

Lieutenant Victor Egg, the officer leading Schlegel's missing person investigation says that no foul play is suspected, but the circumstances surrounding Schlegel's disappearance are very strange.

"This is three days with no contact, no friends, no family, he never missed work, he was a real hard worker as far as we know he never missed work so for us that's a red flag," Lt. Egg said.

Lt. Egg says that the latest lead is that Schlegel may have gotten on a NJ Transit bus, the department is working on tracking down drivers that may have seen him. Anyone with information on Schlegel's whereabouts is being asked to call the Oradell Police Department immediately.

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