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Hoboken city councilman makes history as he is elected New Jersey’s first Sikh mayor

Ravi Bhalla says he plans on prioritizing infrastructure and commuting


HOBOKEN — City Councilman Ravi Bhalla was elected Tuesday as the Garden State's first Sikh mayor. But it wasn't easy getting there as the race took a heated turn earlier this week.

Anonymous fliers with a picture of Bhalla, an Indian-American born in New Jersey, that read "don't let terrorism take over our town," began circulating around Hoboken.

Police are now investigating to find out who is responsible for the fliers. Meanwhile, commuters say they don't think those fliers or his religion played much of a roll in the race.

“I think that as long as someone does their job, whatever they wear, their garb, their religion, it shouldn't matter,” said Dawn Coleman of Bayonne.

Now that he is the mayor-elect, Bhalla says he plans on prioritizing infrastructure and commuting. Bhalla is also an advocate for more open space in the Mile Square City, an idea that residents say they support.

Bhalla is succeeding Dawn Zimmer who decided not to seek a third term in office. The mayoral race was a close one all the way to the end.

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