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Power outages rise as winter storm slams New Jersey

Emergency officials say residents should expect a long clean-up


MENDHAM — The snow may have stopped, but the cleanup is just beginning for communities still recovering from last week's nor'easter as they begin digging their way out from yet another storm.

"This is a one-two punch — quote honestly probably worse than Mike Tyson. The hits keep coming. It's impossible: One set of trees come down, next thing you know another set is down and you can't get anywhere," said Nick Witczak of the Mendham Fire Department.

With many people left without power, officials are reminding residents to be careful.

"Check on your neighbors tomorrow, but watch out, there's wires down all over the place," said Emmett Thomas, the emergency manager of Mendham. "This is gonna be a long cleanup."

Thomas estimates that over 1,000 people in the community will be without power tonight.

"Everything that was fixed by the power company has now been destroyed again. Everything. And it's actually worse than it was before," Thomas said. "It's depressing but I know we'll get out of it. I'm exhausted from the last storm, and I think we'll be another week, maybe two weeks getting everybody back on."

Plows are expected to be out all night trying to clear the roads.

If your power goes out, text "OUT" to 544487.

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