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Imam in Newark explains Ramadan leads to better well-being

Islamic holy month of fasting begins Friday

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Friday night is the start of the ninth month of the Islamic year, the month of Ramadan.

“We believe that the Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad. It's also the month which we're required to fast during the day,” explains Imam Daud Haqq of the National Islamic Society Masjid in Newark.

But these next few weeks are more than just a time for Muslims to abstain from eating and drinking from dusk to dawn.

Imam Haqq says fasting leads to a better well-being. In other words, Ramadan is a time of physical and spiritual discipline for the 1.6 billion Muslims across the globe.

“It is like a universal brotherhood, you know, of connection among Muslims. At this time, it is a special time. It’s international, it is not just here in America or in Arabia or any other place. It is across the world,' says Imam Haqq.

That's evident in Monmouth Beach, where dozens of Muslims recite their daily prayers, in preparation.

Of course, with the current global climate, some would say Islam is an often misunderstood religion. Imad Haqq says despite this, the outside world does not interfere with how Muslims carry out this month.

'It's one of our religious duties to almighty God,' says Imam Haqq.

During one of the last 10 days of the month, they celebrate the holiest night, called The Night of Power. It is then, when they receive extra blessings.

Imam Haqq says after their night prayers, they say extra prayers to commemorate the start of the month. They begin their fast on Saturday morning.

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