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Waters in the tri-state area home to great white sharks

Sea surface temperatures are trending 1 degree above average, likely to draw in great white sharks


Sharks have been making headlines after alleged attacks on two teenagers on Fire Island this summer. Waters in the tri-state area are also home to the Great White shark. So far this summer, sea surface temperatures are trending about one degree above average so it is likely to see great white sharks passing through the area until late in the season.

Several sharks were pulled from the waters close to shore, which appear to be Sand Tiger sharks which are indigenous to the region.

Great white sharks are found commonly found swimming off of the New York-New Jersey coastline. They are drawn in by water temperature.

Ideal water temperatures for white sharks are 68 to 72 degrees. Sharks are migratory creatures who use major ocean currents, such as the Gulf Stream, as transportation passing along the east coast of the United States. White sharks will migrate seasonally to where comfortable water temperatures are going to be.

The waters from Cape May, New Jersey, to Montauk, New York, are ideal for great white shark pups. This region is referred to as the New York Bight.

Typically in May and June, the mature female white sharks drop off their pups in the protected shallows along the coast; they're even found in the Barnegat Bay. The pups generally set off for the Carolinas in October when water temperatures in the New York bight become intolerable for the apex predators.

Ocearch Founding Chairman and Expedition Leader, Chris Fischer, advises being observant while in the water.

"But for some reason when we approach the ocean we decide what beach we're going to go to, we go out, we put our stuff on the beach and we just walk in. The whole food chain is happening. So, it's important to look at the ocean but don't blindly go in," Fischer said.

According to a Turkish Hospital, humans are likely to die taking a selfie than a shark attack.

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