Emily GirschNov 13, 2017, 8:48 pm

New charges filed against son of former de Blasio aide

Indictments include illegal possession of weapon stemming from fatal 2016 stabbing


HACKENSACK — The son of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s former chief of staff appeared before a judge alongside his attorney on a weapon possession charge connected with a fatal stabbing.

Edgewater native Khari Noerldinger, 20, was accused of allegedly stabbing Savion Lewallen but those charges were dropped. The prosecution now bringing new indictments including unlawful possession of a knife and hindering an investigation on the night of a fatal stabbing in Jan. 2016.

Noerdlinger's attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, says the prosecution withheld vital information including a statement by one of the three men who allegedly attacked Noerdlinger that they were armed and that a bloody knife was dropped off at the home of the alleged victim.

"They never told the grand jury that a bloody knife was dropped off and used by one of the attackers, they never turned it over to us. We're two years into this. We've never even seen a picture of the knife. It wasn't forensically tested as well," Lichtman said.

He also says the prosecution had pictures of Noerdlinger's bruised body that they allegedly ignored, as well as videotapes of multiple suspects who were armed with weapons. He is now accusing them of perjury.

"The judge was not having any of this. This was rampant misconduct, this was rampant perjury and when the judge asked, 'did you know about these materials that would have exculpated the defendant?' she refused to answer, and I have to tell you, she sounded no different than a criminal," the attorney said.

He says the defense team is working to get the remaining charges dropped.

The jury will reconvene at the Bergen County Courthouse on Friday.

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